These 12 Hilarious Bernie Sanders Memes About Hair & Socialism Will Make You #FeelTheBern

There's one Democratic candidate out there who shouldn't be underestimated, as these Bernie Sanders memes will show you. Recent polls in New Hampshire show him picking up 31 percent of the vote among likely Democratic primary voters, compared to Hillary Clinton's 41 percent. He's a self-proclaimed socialist, and is the longest serving Independent in U.S. history. In college, he marched for civil rights, and he once wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to raise taxes without Congress. He's further to the left than Clinton, that's for sure, but that doesn't mean he's doomed to fail. At the very least, he'll pull Clinton to the left, and at most, he'll come out on top.

He's a fierce defender of the environment, and he actually has something in common with Republicans: a deep suspicion of government threats to privacy. He also has some crazy hair, and it gets even crazier when he's passionately arguing for something — so basically, 98 percent of the time. But funnier than his hair are his takedowns of corporations, Wall Street, and the Koch Brothers. His socialist, do-my-own-thing tendencies have inspired many a meme, ranging from critiques of Ted Cruz to satirized image-quote pairings that he never actually posted himself. Here are some of the Internet's best Bernie-inspired memes.

He's serious. Don't underestimate him.

And here we have classic Sanders, who explains in simple terms that corporations are not people.

In case you don't follow Sanders on Facebook, his "thing" is posting pictures of himself alongside important quotes he has said. But of course, this leaves plenty of room for trolls who have access to the Internet's collection of Sanders photos and a minimal knowledge of how text boxes work.

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