11 Long Lasting Makeup Products For Those Who Hate The Retouch Proces

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Whether you're a dedicated daily makeup applier or an occasional eyeliner aficionado, makeup application can be a great creative outlet, a form of escapism, or a fake-it-til-you-make-it transformation into the cool, confident cucumber you wish you naturally were. When it comes to using my face as my own portable canvas, I'm usually first in line for the facial pots and paints — including long lasting makeup, of course.

But although I find the creative ritual of preparing myself to face the world stomach-settling and therapeutic, once I'm done and out the door, I'm over it. The moment has passed. As soon as my house key has turned in the lock, all I want to think about are the plans my day has in store, the people I'm going to see, and — most importantly — the food I'm going to eat. At this point in time, if I could completely forget I had a face, I probably would; so the last thoughts I want running through my head are, "On a scale of one to raccoon, how effed is my mascara after that rain shower?" Or, "Is that person just a nasty pasty, or was that an unnerving side-glance-glare down to my liberally lipstick-smeared 'Joker' face?"

Desperate to rid myself of the dreaded clown-face anxiety once and for all (also, I'm just way too damn lazy for re-application) I went on a cosmetic product pilgrimage to unearth the most hard-wearing makeup on the market: And discovered a far more varied beauty loot than I ever would have expected!

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