Every Thought You Had Before Donating Your Life Savings The The 'Veronica Mars' Movie Kickstarter — GRAPH

Most Marshmallows remember where they were when Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, and company announced they were Kickstarting a Veronica Mars movie. How could we not, when news of a possible movie based on the dearly-departed television show's had many of us emptying our checking accounts to fund the film? (Worth. Every. Penny.)

Rewatching that plea video with all the love I have for Veronica Mars today, there are definite markers that make me remember how exactly it felt to want to frantically toss cash at the project. I'm sure most VM fans started slow, willing to toss a buck at the problem — but then you see Ryan Hansen in a robe, and your heart soars. You find out he's at Bell's house, and you laugh like it's the good old days. Jason Dohring shows up smoldering with a bear claw, and you're turning your wallet upside down. By the time you find out that Enrico Colantoni has been playing Keith Mars for 10 years, and Thomas is doing a puppet show in your living room, that money is long gone.

To recap, here's a quick graph of what your thoughts were in tangent with how much money you lost while watching the video. Oh, and don't rest easy, Marshmallows, we really want to push for that sequel.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures; Dawn Foster/Bustle