7 Times Uncle Phil From 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Was The Best Dad Ever

There are a lot of great portrayals of fathers on television, but none come even close to Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air . The character (who was flawlessly portrayed by the late James Avery) was not only equal parts strict and caring towards his kids and Will, but he was also the coolest uncle and father figure. He may have been constantly on edge thanks to Hilary, Carlton, Ashley, Nicky, and Will's crazy antics, but when the situation called for it, he was always ready to deploy pep talk or heartfelt words of encouragement. No one was more supportive than he was, and, along with Vivian, I'm willing to bet the Banks duo were the best parents in Bel-Air — if not in the whole of Los Angeles County.

Despite being one of the best TV dads around, though, Uncle Phil often doesn't get as much love as characters like Will and Carlton. This is something that needs to change, like, yesterday, so consider this my contribution to the cause. In honor of Uncle Phil and his amazing parenting techniques, here are seven times Uncle Phil was just the best father ever:

1. When He Relished In The Joy Of Finding Creative Ways To Discipline His Kids

Being a good parent means knowing how to ensure your kids learn from their mistakes — and, sometimes, exacting a fair punishment is the only way.

2. When He Couldn't Hold Back From Busting Out Some Classic Dad Moves

This is peak Uncle Phil.

3. When He Never Failed To Teach His Children The Most Important Things In Life

For instance: 8 Ball Pool.

4. When He Was A Fun Dad

Even when he didn't realize he was!

5. When He Could Appreciate A Good Joke

Sometimes, Uncle Phil would break his strict demeanor and share a really good joke with his kids — it's great for bonding.

6. When He Never Let Flagrant Rule-Breaking Go Unnoticed

Especially for very specific rules involving chalk usage in the house.

7. Most Of All, Though, Uncle Phil Was Always There For His Kids When They Needed Him

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And this, of course, is the most important part of parenting — hands down.

Who else is ready for a Fresh Prince re-watch right about now?

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