Tallulah & Scout Willis Are A Body Positive Duo

Lounging on the beach in Malibu sounds like a good day for anyone, and if you're the Willis sisters, that's no different. Yesterday, Tallulah and Scout Willis posted fabulous beach bikini photos while they were enjoying their summery day. While we can't help but acknowledge how amazing the pair looks, we've got to give a body positive shout-out to the two girls who have become veritable champions of body positivity.

Talking about how insanely gorgeous the bodies of two celebs are may seem a little to the left of body positivity. However, the pair's photos only highlight their commitment to body positivity. Sure, they look great. Tallulah is stunning as she lounges back and according to her Instagram caption commences, "Plotting the deaths of my enemies." Meanwhile, Scout appears to poke fun at censorship — which is fitting— as she holds a well-placed slice of watermelon over her bikini bottom. Their sexy swimwear is similar in its skimp, but Tallulah is killing a retro style while Scout rocks a more classic black bikini.

While we clearly care about the girl's bikinis because, duh, they're cute, and they have great style, these two women show serious aplomb when posting these images. Tallulah underwent treatment for body dysmorphia last year, and seeing her look so comfortable on the beach deserves notice. Meanwhile, sister Scout is at the forefront of the #FreetheNipple movement. The campaign is meant to bring attention to the double standard found in the way people view topless images of women. Her movement began after people began to notice that degrading images of women can be posted to social media as long as their nipples are not visible, but images of breast feeding women or women in complete control of their breasts cannot. These ladies are total body equality and body positivity champs, so seeing them out, enjoying their bodies and the beach, well, that's something that's totally cool.

Images: Tallulah Willis/Instagram (2)