4 (Cheaper) Yeezy Boost 350 Alternatives

by Lauren Turner

When a new sneaker comes out, it's really hard not to want to wait in line and get it before anyone else. But when Kanye West released the Yeezy Boost 350 sneaker at $200 a pair, I knew I wouldn't be doing that. And even though I'm sure there are tons of people who will be snatching up the ultra-comfy sneaker, I also know there are people who are just like me, and honestly don't GAF.

Although the 350 was originally $350 (of course), I still just can't. The primeknit fabric that replicated a "second skin" does sound very appealing, but I'm sure that has to be a better way. The same goes for creating a look similar to Kim's cool, comfy, and stylish one from Disneyland.

So if you're feeling like going for the Yeezy Boost 350 will make your budgets burst, fear not. The Yeezy sneaker is not the only one out there. Now, I have to warn you that there aren't that many other options (yet). But if you're looking for a salt-and-peppered kick that not only feels great on your foot, but also looks great with everything, then you're in luck. And what makes it all better is when you can still pay your rent after buying them.

Check out these 4 (cheaper) Yeezy Boost 350 alternatives.

1. Skechers Performance GO Walk Sneaker

Skechers Performance GO Walk Sneaker, $34, Amazon

In a similar fashion to the Yeezy Boost 350, Skechers' Go Walk sneaker is fitted with memory foam and a lightweight midsole. So whether you're running for health or just running errands, you'll be comfy.

2. Puma Carson Runner Tort Sneakers

Puma Carson Runner Tort Sneakers, $50, Amazon

Puma recently came back onto my radar (thanks, Rihanna), and so I would be more than happy to spend my money on a pair of these sneakers. And once again, these are shoes with their own comfy support.

3. Nike Roshe Run Jacquard Sneakers

Nike Roshe Run Jacquard Sneaker, $53, Amazon

If you're looking for a little flirty design, these combine the sleekness of the new trendy sneaker with a little fun.

4. Adidas NEO Lite Racers Women's Running Shoe

NEO Lite Racers Women's Running Shoe, $40, Amazon

I think these might be my favorite of all of the alternatives, because the print is so cute. Between that and the fact that the classic Adidas stripes are still there, makes them that much better.

Image Credit: @kanye/Instagram