This Is What It's Like When Your Sibling Has A Baby, Something All You Crazy Aunts And Uncles Can Relate To — VIDEO

Hey, did you know that people love their babies?! It's true! If you don't believe me, just check your Facebook feed. You've probably never noticed before, but people talk about kids a lot there. Sometimes they even post pictures, believe it or not. But for real though, as a parent, please know that we are aware we are really into our children and that you might not be as into them, and that's fine. (Though I assure you, most of us are just as horrified by those "Kayyleigh's First Poopy on the Potty" photos as you.) But this Buzzfeed video highlights that you aunts and uncles can be just as obsessive. So there!

Okay, sure, parents can be... erm... a bit "enthusiastic" when talking about their spawn, but sometimes it's hard not to go on about them. Kids take up a lot of time, so if I'm going to talk to you about my day, my plans, or something funny that happened to me, it's almost certainly going to involve my two children. Honestly, I go out of my way not to talk about them on social media as much as it feels natural to do so because I know it annoys people, but the truth of the matter is that my kids are involved in just about every facet of my life these days out of sheer necessity; I mean, I am legally required to be responsible for them at all times. But when an aunt or uncle does it? That's just pure, unadulterated baby-induced crazy. Crazy adorable (because it's sweet), but still a bit crazy.

I asked my siblings what being an aunt/uncle is like to see if they qualify as dopey-baby-crazed aunts/uncles.

First came my brother Chris:

Then my sister Grace:

(Not shown in this text, her sobbing—hardcore sobbing—upon meeting my children, so I can tell you here and now she is frontin' and frontin' hard.)

Then came my brother Scott, who needed some sisterly nudging...

Are you guilty of being the crazy aunt or uncle? Watch below and see how well you can relate...

Images: Getty Images; Jamie Kenney (3); YouTube