Women React To The Word "Abortion"

Do you watch videos on the Internet to get angry? Do you watch videos on the internet to reaffirm your own personal and political views? Both, you say?! Well have I got the video for you. No matter what your views on abortion rights, this video of women responding to the word "abortion" will send you on a roller coaster of emotions. Your head will go from shaking "no" to nodding "yes" so quickly and enthusiastically that you will give yourself whiplash. You will barely be able to get into having a fight with one woman before you have to cut yourself off to pump your fist in agreement with the next. So, basically, this whole affair is lively and maddening all at once, and you will almost certainly just start screaming unintelligibly at your screen for the majority of the three and a half minutes.

Among the most common answers invoked were "choice" and "right". (I was also a big fan of "none of your business.") On the anti-abortion rights side you had totally neutral, not at all (*eyeroll*) inflammatory answers like "death" and "killing a baby" and "I think if people weren't so careless with their sexuality they wouldn't need as many." I'll let you guess at which point I started checking Amazon to see how much a trident cost so I could order one and throw it through my computer screen.

I've included all the answers below. Take a deep breath... that won't help you, but it's always good to take a deep breath every now and then...

Images: Getty Images; Giphy; YouTube