Jon Stewart Condemns Charleston Shooting In An Emotional Speech & Gives The Real Hard Truth About Race And Violence That We Need To Hear — VIDEO


There are times to be funny, and there are times to be stone-cold serious. During Thursday's Daily Show episode, an emotional Jon Stewart condemned the Charleston shooting, unleashing a monster monologue on race and the violence ravaging our country. Declaring no jokes would be said, Stewart fiddled with his pen as he called upon America to wake up about the racial issues tearing itself apart from within.

This isn't the first time Stewart has passed on humor on his show, but you could see how hard the attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church particularly hit the late-night host. Stewart's thoughts on Charleston are so spot-on, we decided to keep his monologue in full, though edited for clarity. Emphasis is by Bustle.

Images: The Daily Show/Comedy Central