Watch This 4-Year-Old Girl Giggle Through Her First Aerobatic Flight Like An Adorable Little Boss — VIDEO

One of the coolest qualities about kids is their overall...newness, for lack of a better word. As adults, we develop snobbery and standards and before too long, it's almost impossible to impress us. Not the case for kids. Even blowing dandelions is worthy of delirium to a child. To be fair, a wild airborne adventure should be enough to impress any adult anyway, but here is a little girl taking her first aerobatic flight, and her enthusiasm is so sincere your heart might grow just a touch softer.

I have to be real and admit I have become much, much more soft in recent years. I watched a lot of action movies or at least many with excessive gore. Tarantino was my favorite and I really couldn't stand rom-coms outside the teen sub-genre (I wasn't a robot, OK?). It used to take a lot for me to crack and show a shimmer of emotion. Now I'm a bit of a crier about...everything. However, I think this video would legit wreck even that past, tougher iteration of myself. The sincere chuckles and wild grin swept across young Lea's face as she sits in the backseat of a plane doing barrel rolls across the open sky. Guuuh.

Although, it's not like this four-year-old is that easy to impress. It wasn't an immediate glee. While ascending, Lea's all, "Chill. Yeah. OK. I wonder what my cat is doing right now?" Basically my thoughts when forced into any social situation ever. But then...

The transition! How can you hold it together when her face does that insane, gorgeous, authentic glee thing? HOW CAN YOU? Look!!!!!

Absolutely bonkers adorable. See the whole video below:

Images: YouTube(3)