Immensely Pleased Baby Discovers First Dandelion

Babies, I'm convinced, have a truly sophisticated sense of humor, something it seems we grow out of as we grow into our jaded, crusty adult bodies and it takes more to impress us. And seriously? Laughing babies are the best (even when they are kind of scary laughs). Here we have a baby discovering dandelions and laughing it up in such an authentic, heartwarming way.

You know, parenthood doesn't seem half bad when you consider all the hilarious, laugh-inducing things you can share with your offspring. And it's so surprising what this tiny humans will find comedic. I know, for random example, my sister and her husband were chatting once and casually used the word "document". For unknown reasons, their small child found and continues to find the word hilarious. Occasionally, I'll throw it out during one of our regular FaceTime conversations, and wow, does that kid cackle in such unfiltered delight. Babies are so easy to entertain, and I value that in an audience.

It's a wonderful thing dad Tom Fletcher is also hip to. In the video, Tom shows his sweet baby boy, Buzz, around a bright, open field. Tom grabs a white fuzz dandelion and demonstrates the proper blowing tactic—you know, for all those wishes. Buzz gasps for air between laughs, also revealing four adorable baby teeth in his gummy grin. Clearly, the giggles are contagious as Tom cannot help but join in.

"This is why being a dad is awesome," Tom shared on YouTube. I mean...could YOU resist? Test yourself below:

Here's some other examples of baby humor, catching these super young people as they find pretty random stuff hilarious:

Ripping paper

I suppose I could understand the adult appear if this were an unsatisfactory contract or love letters from a disappointing former flame...but...I don't get it. I do, however, get how enchanting this baby giggling is. I get that forever.

Chips crunching

Never much considered the inherent comedy in each bag of potato chips. After a little meditation, I can see it's actually pretty goofy, TBH.

Wii golf

Interesting. I find video games much more appealing when they involve laughing babies.

Measuring tape

Finally, I relate.

Real talk, y'all: I think this is a lesson we could fully learn. Let's find more joy in the simple, common things. We could all stand to laugh a little more.

Images: YouTube(2)