How Many Episodes Is 'Ballers' On HBO, And More Importantly, Is That Enough Of The Rock?

The summer of 2015 is coming up all Dwayne Johnson. With his new show Ballers on HBO and his recent box office monster San Andreas, The Rock is seriously killin' it. But it does make me wonder if 30 minutes once a week this summer will be enough for TV audiences. Ballers will air 10 episodes in its freshman season, beginning with the series premiere on June 21, and if the hilarity and charm of The Rock's other roles are any indication, we'll be re-watching Ballers episodes long after the finale airs.

This should come as no surprise though, since the man with the signature eyebrow raise has been kicking ass and stealing hearts since his pro wrestling days. Since then, he has made a name for himself outside the ring and on big and small screens everywhere. From Be Cool to Get Smart and all the way to the Fast and the Furious franchise, The Rock has delivered impeccably timed jokes and truly amazing performances. And he has done so while having fun. He doesn't take himself too seriously, which is one of the main reasons the universe adores him. Also, let's not forget that he once played a hockey player who took the role of Tooth Fairy for a week.

And now we have Ballers. In HBO's new summer bro show, Dwayne Johnson plays Spencer, who is a retired football player looking to rebrand himself as a financial manager in Miami. While it's sure to have an onslaught of cash being tossed around and pool parties where nobody swims, the show will also include the personal struggles of current and former players as they transition into their lives off the field.

Just from the few trailers available for Ballers, it's clear that viewers will see a new side of The Rock. Sure, he's mastered the roles of action star, comedic one-liner-deliverer, and spectacular host on SNL, but now he's tackling a character who is all show on the outside, while on the inside he's completely fatigued and broken. But whatever the role is, fans everywhere know The Rock can handle it just fine.

Images: Jeff Daly, Gene Page/HBO; Giphy (1)