Reese & Daughter Ava Go On A Dream Vacation

It's easy to roll your eyes at the children of celebrities. They get to reap the sweet benefits of their actor/singer/model/reality star parent's success from the time they're yea high and celebrating their second birthday parties in roped-off corners of Disneyland. But Reese Witherspoon, who herself has been earning her keep by acting in quality films since she was 14, is not raising her daughter Ava Elizabeth, 15, son Deacon, 12 — both of whom she had with first husband Ryan Phillippe — or 2-year-old Tennessee (whose dad is talent agent hubby Jim Toth) to kick back in Beverly Hills and wait for designer clothing to rain from the sky while they contemplate their first reality show role. How can I be sure? Reese Witherspoon recently visited Italy with Ava and, judging by their interesting and breathtaking photos, the words "jaded" and "privileged" do not apply to them.

I don't doubt the Oscar-winning actress and her doppelgänger daughter stayed at a five-star hotel and not a hostel, so I won't get carried away and call her a Woman of the People. But I'm still uber impressed that she left her boys, including a young child, at home, and focused all of her attention and energy for a few days on Ava. Lord knows age 15 can be a full blown nightmare of emotions and gangly legs and arms, and that this time period isn't always fun for teen girls or, judging by the emotional battle scars my own poor mother was forced to endure, the parents of teen girls. Witherspoon probably figured if she has to deal with all that angst, there's no better place to do it than in Rome, where she and Ava visited important sites like the Arch of Constantine, the Vatican, Sant'Ignazio Church, and Piazza Navona, according to E! News.

Whether you're planning your next Italian vacation and looking for inspiration, in need of a few good parenting goals, or in the market for another reason to blame your mom for your comparatively unimpressive childhood — Witherspoon is here for you.

They Indulged In Italian Treats

Roman pizza is heaven and Witherspoon and her daughter are wise enough to understand that the Land of All Things Holy Food does not welcome macrobiotic diets. Remember: Eat, Pray, Eat, Love, Eat.

They Got A Room With a View

Have you ever enjoyed a cup of coffee while looking out onto Rome and all of its many, many beautiful people and buildings? Also, Ava clearly has developed some fab camera skills. Or, wait, is Ava the one in the photo? Seriously, can anyone out there tell the difference between these two?

They Visited Churches

Even non-believers have to admit this is some church. Kudos to Witherspoon for finding a way to make shorts look like totally acceptable worship attire. How does she do it?

Witherspoon Gave Ava A Heavenly Experience

This is as close as anyone will ever get to capturing a teen girl's awe in a photograph.

They Dined With Italian Royalty

Designer Valentino Garavani is better than an Italian monarch and these two lovely ladies had the honor of dining with him in Rome.

They Shopped Until They Dropped

When it Rome, buy and wear gladiator sandals. To the Colosseum, I hope? Also, these could be Witherspoon's legs or they might belong to Ava — the world will never know.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find out if Valentino can clear his calendar and babysit my 3-year-old daughter so that I can explore Rome ... unless, have I missed the point?