Where Did "Yas Queen" Come From? And Why Is It Taking Over Pop Culture?

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So I don't know if you've noticed, but the world and the internet as a whole has been shouting something new lately at people who do something good. Or maybe you haven't noticed, because you haven't done anything applause-worthy lately, but for those who have, I bet you're wondering what does "yas queen" mean, and where does it come from? YAAS QUEEEEEN! I'm so glad you asked! Good for you, girl.

Maybe your best friend has shouted it at you when you came out of the dressing room with something especially fierce on; maybe you've seen it in your group text with your friends from home (just me?); or maybe you've even caught yourself saying it under your breath during an episode of So You Think You Can Dance. But no matter how you've experienced it, I want you to know that all those uses are correct. As is pretty much any way that it comes out of your mouth as a celebration of another human being. You should also know that you can add an A or S (or seven) as often as you want — adjust according to the level of excitement of the situation. This is your world, queen, so go nuts on those consonants and vowels.

Like many things, this phrase has evolved a bit to get to its current iteration, but it started out just as "YAAASSSS" from an Instagram video of a Lady Gaga fan meeting his idol and and being so blown away by her beauty that he transformed the word "yes" to the word "YAAAASSSSSS" in his excitement. Exhibit (Y)A(AS):


That turned into a meme, which you can use pretty much any time something pleases you. In any capacity. 

...or when you want to gush over someone, even when it doesn't make sense with the original context.

From there, as self-proclaimed Lady Gaga fans, it was only a matter of time before Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson got ahold of the meme and brought it to a wider audience on Broad City in its second season.


And thus, the movement continues. YAS QUEEEEEEN YAAAASSSSS!

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