Kim & Kanye Just Had Sex Where?!

Kanye West needed a place to drop his five-minute music video for "Bound 2," the latest track off of his Yeezus album. But where? Where does one debut a video featuring a topless Kim Kardashian and motorcycle sex? Why, the wholesome The Ellen DeGeneres Show of course. On Tuesday, West appeared on DeGeneres' daytime talk show to premiere the "Bound 2" video, which stars the reality TV star and West fiancé, a motorcycle, and several majestical horses.

The video is more ridiculous than a Bruce Jenner tabloid cover: A silent Kardashian caresses West atop the rapper's motorcycle — that is, when she's not screwing him on it. It looks uncomfortable, and Kardashian — despite her experience being naked in front of a video camera — looks uncomfortable in "Bound 2." Is the reality star worried about reminding people of the reason she became famous? Is she wondering why the video for "Bound 2" — with its faux desert landscape — appears to be lower budget than a Kardashian Christmas card? Or is she, like a member of DeGeneres' audience, wondering why West too isn't topless?

Because, while West's video tribute to Kardashian is no doubt well-intentioned, it is curious — for someone who has tried to prove that his fiancée is more than a big ass, he's certainly comfortable continuing to trot that ass out in public. Even the score here, Kanye — if you're going to objectify your fiancée, at least objectify yourself too.

But perhaps I'm just being picky because, based on the opening seconds of "Bound 2," I thought the video would be Planet Earth, as shot through Lisa Frank's eyes.

See the aforementioned uncomfortable motorcycle sex scene, and the full video for "Bound 2" below!