Donald Faison Shares His Father’s Day Plans & They Involve A Lot Of Heat

You know him from cult favorites like Scrubs and Clueless, but now Donald Faison is turning up the heat on an entirely new summer project. I mean that literally — he’s actually turning up the heat. This summer, Faison is teaming up with the National Pork Board to reintroduce pork to the grilling scene. If anyone can do it, it's Faison, who enthusiastically spoke to Bustle about his new partnership and his plans for Father's Day. "I'm really excited for the summer," Faison says, who in addition to working this season, plans on "grilling out all summer long."

Listening to Faison talk about his favorite pork recipes is like listening to a kid tell Santa his Christmas list. The Scrubs actor can go on and on about recipes (all of which are available at Pork Be Inspired: Grill Crashers) that will help you reintroduce pork to the grill, but Faison's personal favorite recipe is for ribs. "I love the way they taste when you put a little bit of that pecan rub on them," he says. "That, beer, and some French fries, and I'm good to go." If that all sounds amaze, but you're a hopeless chef — like myself — and looking for some Grilling For Dummies tips, look no further. If you don't know how to use the grill, Faison will bet you know how to use a smartphone. If you go to Pork Be Inspired, you'll find an "all-to guide on how to cook your favorite pork dishes," says Faison.

Faison recently welcomed a new baby girl to the family in April with his wife, CaCee Cobb (the couple has an almost-2-year-old as well). When asked about his plans for Father's Day, Faison said, "Maybe I'll get a card this year, or a balloon. That's my way of asking my family to please get me something this Father's Day." In addition to the maybe card and balloon coming his way on June 21, Faison also plans on grilling for the family and the "great day of sports," on TV.

If you want to join Faison in grilling pork this summer, make sure you take a grillfie. "A grillfie is a selfie with your grill in the back, and your dish on the grill," Faison says. "Take that bad boy, send it to your favorite social media outlet," he says. Just don't forget to hashtag it #grillpork and remember that you now have something in common with one of your favorite stars: grilled meat.