New 'Fear The Walking Dead' Video Finds Tom Riddle Running, But Who's Chasing Him?

The new Walking Dead spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead has offered us a first look. Called "Nick's Escape," the clip features the character Nick, played by Frank Dillane (best known as Tom Riddle from Harry Potter), as he runs away in a wild frenzy from... something. It's a good bit of promotion, more about mood building than about any plot specifics. Like Steven Spielberg with Jaws, whoever edited the clip understands that what isn't seen is often the most horrific.

Though the trailer doesn't tell us much, we do know a good bit about the upcoming series: It takes place in Los Angeles before the events of The Walking Dead. The promo that was previously released suggests that the zombie outbreak has just happened. Characters on Fear The Walking Dead include Madison (Kim Dickens), a strong single mom, her boyfriend Travis (Cliff Curtis), a teacher, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), a Tracy Flick-type overachiever, her boyfriend Matt (Maestro Harrell), and finally the bad boy Nick (who is Alicia's brother), who is running in this promo. Before the series comes out this August, I have one big question: What is Nick running from? While the obvious answer might be walkers, his horror fitting in with the idea that this is a new phenomenon in the show's timeline, why would he need to run so fast? Do you have any ideas?

Here are some possibilities of what Nick, who was described as a parent's worst nightmare, could be running from.

1. Extra Fast Walkers

It seems likely (and horrifying) that walkers when they first were infected were closer to their human selves, and thus faster than their iterations in The Walking Dead.

2. Just A Normal Walker

And he's scared because it's the first one he's ever seen.

3. A Walker That Was His Mother

Again, he would be extra scared if a familiar face was zombified, especially if it had only just happened.

4. The Police

Twist! This was part of a flashback to before the zombies.

5. Getting Caught In A Compromising Position

He didn't appear to have much clothing on to begin with.

6. Harry Potter

The only one You Know Who ever feared.

OMG, just tell us, AMC!

Image: AMC (7)