Is Alec Baldwin In Another Twitter War?

Why does Alec Baldwin even have a Twitter account at this point? How many times must he embarrass himself on Twitter before he realizes, "Hmm, maybe it's about time to delete my account for good so I can work on managing my temper in a healthy way that won't get the New York Daily News writing about my every move"? Once? Twice? Thrice? Someday, he'll get it — but unfortunately (for him), that day is not today, because it looks like Alec Baldwin and Anderson Cooper might be in a Twitter feud right now despite the fact that they're both grown men with majorly successful careers. I will never understand celebrities.

To his credit, Anderson Cooper doesn't seem to be responding to any angry tweets from the account allegedly belonging to Baldwin, because he has a little thing called self control, you know? Baldwin, on the other hand — if he is the one behind the account — seems to be livid after reading a tweet from the official Twitter account for Cooper's show, Anderson Cooper 360º, which said,"'Don't lie about it afterward.' - @AndersonCooper's thoughts on #AlecBaldwin #AC360Later."

Cooper's tweet, of course, is referring to the fact that Baldwin used a homophobic slur when speaking to a photographer last week — an incident that resulted in his MSNBC talk show being put on a two-week (but probably permanent) hiatus. Cooper, who still has his own news show, has been pretty vocal regarding his feelings about that incident, and even previously tweeted, "Wow, Alec Baldwin shows his true colors yet again. How is he going to lie and excuse his anti-gay slurs this time?"

Now, again, it's not completely clear whether or not Baldwin is actually the one behind the following tweets, or if he's even involved with the creation of the new @AlecBaldwin Twitter account (his former Twitter handle was @ABFoundation before he deactivated it) — but I'm sort of inclined to believe it is. "@AC360 @andersoncooper If I had Anderson's paycheck and sorry ratings, I might be fast and loose with the truth, as well," one tweet says, while another reads, "@AC360 @andersoncooper I think it would suit you to be more careful what you accuse people of. Journalism us about having the facts."

Finally, a third tweet: "@AC360 @andersoncooper Or are you more "host" than journalist?"

In response, Cooper tweeted back (probably calmly, with a glass of Merlot in his hand), "@AlecBaldwin are you drunk? You're kind of embarrassing yourself. I wish you well," before adding, "@AlecBaldwin I've got to assume this is a fake account. It would be too embarrassing otherwise."

Yeeeeeahhhhh... but Baldwin's gotten into more fights with photographers than I can count, so it wouldn't be shocking if this actually is his account. Embarrassing, sure, but not shocking.

Here are the tweets, in order: