Professional Slapping Is An Actual Sport

Here's a sport you need to know about: Professional slapping. It exists, and as it turns out, we can't tear our eyes away from it. It's exactly like you'd imagine. Two contestants stand across from each other. They size each other up. They grunt, make pleasantries, they shake hands. And then each participant has the opportunity to slap the living crap out of other person. If you are a fan of violence, or How I Met Your Mother , I guarantee you will be completely enthralled by these slapping contests. (For me, it's just incredibly reaffirming when a HIMYM tradition is validated by real life events.)

For those of you who don't know, HIMYM celebrates slap bets, which is known, far and wide, as the best tradition the HIMYM writers room ever gave to us. A slap bet is a bet, in which the winner gets to slap the loser as hard as they possible can. Trust me. It's what real victory feels like.

Whether you are here for the LOLS, the slap tips, the HIMYM references, or the Jason Segel gifs that you KNOW are about to happen, you're about to be all sorts of satisfied.

Here's the professional slapping contest/slap bet IRL:

Handshake, then the slap:

From cordial to SLAPS in 3 seconds.

And then, the retaliation:

Now, THAT is a slap. It's all in the wind up.

Watch the full slaptastic video:

The only rational thing to do is to compare the professional slaps to the legendary Jason Segel slaps. A review:

His Thanksgiving slap

It stacks up pretty well against the pros.

Slap form on point

I give it an 8. Not quite up to the usual slapbar.

In conclusion, a song for the professional slapper in all of us:

Images: YouTube, CBS