The 8 Greatest Father's Day Ads This Year

by Kendyl Kearly

Every year, just when you're about to forget all about Father's Day, you're hastily reminded by your television that your dad's big day is coming, and, yeah, you should be doing something about that. This year, the best Father's Day ads have really outdone themselves — each and every one will make you want to call your dad right away and send him a gigantic box of chocolate chip cookies/flowers/balloons to commemorate the day.

There are so many amazing dads out there that deserve to be celebrated on Sunday. I mean, every father from Jay-Z to President Obama should expect to receive some sort of recognition. If you have a great father in your life, whether your own or a relative's or just an amazing father figure of yours, this year's touching advertisements will inspire you to get right off the sofa and call (or visit!) to wish him a happy Father's Day.

So, get ready to head over to the nearest retailer that sells golf supplies and dust off your glitter glue to make a homemade Father's Day card, because that tie gift that seemed so thoughtful at the time might suddenly seem inadequate after these eight tear-jerking commercials.


Toyota launched several different ads this year for Father's Day. Although they probably won't inspire you to get Dad the newest Corolla right this minute, they might remind you to pick up the phone.


Dove, known for its positive advertisements, released a montage of men finding out that they are fathers. With the tagline, "Real strength means showing you care even from the very first moment," Dove Men + Care reminds us how important love and personal hygiene really are.

Angel Soft

This Angel Soft ad brings attention to the many single mothers out there on Father's Day. In an unconventional approach to the day, the toilet paper and tissue brand celebrates the people who have to fill both parental roles.


More and more corporations have taken the risk of portraying same-sex couples in advertisements, and Delta joined them with this Father's Day ad. Delta found a clever way to incorporate its brand without being annoying about it, focusing on airplane games. The ad ends with the message, "To all the pilots on the ground—Happy Father's Day."


Like Delta, WestJet was able to incorporate the travel brand subtly within its commercial. Last year's ad included a partnership between WestJet and the Ronald McDonald house to reunite a father with his sick child. This year, WestJet focuses again on the Grimard family and their son, whose heart transplant was successful enough for him to go home for Father's Day.


Pampers got in on the montage fun by showing the effect dads have on their babies. Diaper companies, or any business involving children, have it easy advertising around Father's Day, but who doesn't love looking at funny videos of babies being weird?


Avon chose another important issue to focus on this Father's Day: female empowerment. The cosmetics company showed girls pursuing their goals. The commercial asked dads to stand up for female empowerment.

Rite Aid From Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel made another fantastically popular video in the form of a Rite Aid commercial, starring his faithful sidekick Guillermo. I didn't even know Guillermo was a father, but his ad is pretty cute.

If at least one of these ads didn't soften your heart a little, it might be made of stone. Maybe these companies will inspire you to remember and appreciate the father figure in your life.

Image: Getty Images