Yep, Maddie's A Great Dancer In GIF Form, Too

by Daniela Cabrera

I think I can say with full certainty that Maddie Ziegler's dancing will make you feel all sorts of things. In Sia's "Chandelier" her quirky body movements and wild expressions seemed to freak some people out, and her role in the video for "Elastic Heart" also drew some criticism for some supposed (and unfounded) controversial undertones when it came to her interaction with co-star Shia LaBeouf.

For being such a young dancer, Ziegler has a strong command of her movements and truly conveys a plethora of emotions, which she has honed since she was only two years old. The girl is just really, really good and as someone who never really got a proper hold of her body in her jazz and ballet classes as a young girl, I appreciate a good dancing talent.

So, because Ziegler's performances have already stirred up so many feelings, I thought it only appropriate to celebrate the times that Maddie Ziegler's dance moves have blown our minds — in GIF form. You know you have officially made it when you are immortalized in a GIF, and they are the perfect way to show off the moments when Ziegler was the sassiest, coolest, and most kick ass 12-year-old dancer ever.

1. So Many Emotions In A So Few Seconds

2. So. Much. Focus

3. Just Flying Through The Air, No Big Deal

4. Literally The Most Flexible Girl Ever

5. A Little Creepy, A Lot of Amazing

6. Sassing It Up On Stage

7. Defying All Laws Of Gravity

8. She's Got A Way Of Emoting

9. Being An Incredible Actress, Too

Keep it up, Maddie! And we'll keep GIF-ing.

Images: maddieziegler.co.vu (6), fairiedepp(1), dancingonstage(1), darkness-xcx, westycoast, ziegler/Tumblr