What Has Donny Thompson From 'Big Brother 16' Been Up To? Prepare To Fall In Love With Him All Over Again

Where were you when the nicest guy in the world* won America's Favorite Player? Ever since the first episode of Big Brother 16 , Donny Thompson has had a special place in my heart. How could he not? He was a superfan of the show who just wanted to play a game he idolized. He was nice to everyone and didn't seem to have a mean bone in his body. He was a unicorn on Big Brother. Now, it's been almost a year since Donny entered the Big Brother house — time flies, I know — and if you worry that Donny has changed with fame, don't.

Let's refresh for a moment on why Donny was so great. First of all, he knew the game inside and out. For superfans of Big Brother, that's all that will do in the house. Houseguests who have no idea what they're doing and don't know their HOHs from their POVs can get Zingbot-ed right out of the house. Donny was also a friend to everyone. He desperately wanted an alliance, but the other houseguests saw him as a much bigger threat than he actually was. He was the guy people put up on the block because it was easy. And for weeks, Donny survived, remaining in the house and in our hearts.

So what is Donny doing these days? Here's your all-encompassing update on America's Favorite Player, Donny Thompson.

* Not scientifically proven, but also not NOT scientifically proven.

He's Engaged To Kristine

Donny talked about his girlfriend Kristine a lot during his season of Big Brother. And back in September, the news broke that the two were engaged! Also, Donny is using emojis!

He's Hanging Out With His Friends

Donny was closest with Hayden and Nicole while in the house, so it's pretty awesome to see that they're all still hanging out together.

He's Been Honored By His Town

This warms my heart so much.

He's Still The Nicest Guy Ever

Should I get this tattooed on my shoulder Beastmode Cowboy style? Or is it meant more for a delicate ankle tattoo?

He's Keeping Up With Other Big Brother Seasons

As any superfan would.

Actually, He's Keeping Up With TV In General

Again, the emoji use.

He's Handing Out Words Of Wisdom

*~* Inspiring *~*

He's Patriotic As Ever

Love this about him.

He's Basically A Mentor To The New Houseguests

Even though they probably won't see that tweet, it's with them in spirit.


(Mops melted self up from the floor.)

He Answers Fans Questions

For a fan, this is like learning the Holy Grail of recipes. Donny is a hero for revealing it.

Basically, Donny is still the coolest guy ever. He should be in our minds, hearts, and TV screens for the rest of time. Donny Thompson, you rock. Don't ever change.

Images: CBS