SooJoo Park's New Hair Color Is Pastel Perfection

Do you have a certain occasion that triggers you to dye your hair? Korean-American model, SooJoo Park dyed her hair blue and it turns out she only switches up the colors of her locks during a specific occasion — when she's going on a vacation with some days off. As a model, Park can't be like Katy Perry and just dye her hair whatever color she feels. Park told Into The Gloss, "These days, the clients usually dictate what color my hair is, but when I go for holiday, I like to color it for me." Seeing her with her new light blue hair is seriously giving me some pastel hair envy.

Just when I thought the trend of baby pinks and lavender hair was making it way on out, SooJoo brings it right back in. But she didn't let trend dictate her decision when it came to picking out a dye color. Instead, the choice was very much on a whim of inspiration, "Last year I went to Miami and dyed it pink. I’ve tried purple before…but never blue! I think something just clicked, and I wanted to try it when I woke up that morning." From my past experiences, whenever I wanted to dramatically change up my hair color, it would never turn out looking this good:

If you want to be hair twins with SooJoo, she said her hair color is from the brand, Manic Panic and the color's name is Bad Boy Blue. Oh, and she told Into The Gloss that she "took a huge scoop of conditioner and mixed it with the Manic Panic to dilute the color," which is a valuable hair dying tip, if you ask me.

Even if you're kinda of iffy, I'd say go for it because the dye is only semi-permanent — play around and have fun with it!

Images: soojmooj/Instagram