When Will Drake Release 'Views From the 6'? There Are A Few Possible Reasons For This Massive Delay

The question on the mind of every Drake fan is undoubtedly the following: "When will Drake's Views from the 6 be released?" The wait is excruciating, even though the rapper dropped a surprise mixtape back in February (aka, If You're Reading This It's Too Late). While fans have been promised a "late 2015" release date, that still doesn't explain why the album is taking so darn long to finish.

Drake himself hasn't come out with an explanation, although he did tell FourPins.com that the album will include a Beyoncé collaboration and involves a "paradigm shift." Perhaps somewhere between hitting the studio with one of the music industry's biggest — and busiest — superstars and crafting a new sound, time slipped away.

During his 2015 Governors Ball performance, Drake hinted that he might have also collaborated with The Weeknd on the album, and promised fans that Views from the 6 is "coming soon." (At least that debunks the theory that his surprise mixtape's title If You're Reading This It's Too Late is a reference to Views never seeing the light of day.)

That brings us to summer 2015. Taylor Swift has already dropped four singles from 1989. Even Hilary Duff finally gave fans the album they've waited years to hear. The time for Views is now, Drake. What's the holdup?

Since the rapper is tight-lipped about the delay, here are a few plausible explanations for why Views is in release limbo, courtesy of yours truly. I'm pretty sure they're all at least 30 percent solid.

He's Been Busy Saving Degrassi

I'll give him a free pass on this one.

He Got More Emojis Tattoo

Gotta celebrate the updated options somehow, right?

He Took The Taylor Swift Method Of Songwriting To Heart

Taylor Swift says it takes her two years to put out an album because the wait gives her enough "time to grow." Drake, it's been almost two years since your last album — hint, hint.

He's Been Crying. A Lot.

Even though his mom denies he cries as much as we think.

He's Buying Snacks With Nicki Minaj

Also an acceptable use of his time.

He's Lint-Rolling His Pants

Gotta look good courtside.

He Could Be Writing A Motivational Book

OK, wouldn't that just be amazing, though? His lyrics are already motivational — imagine how motivational a whole book would be!

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