Prince Harry Leaves British Army After 10 Years Of Service, So What Should He Do Next? The World Is His Oyster

Big news, everyone — according to BBC News, Prince Harry has ended his career in the British Army after ten years of military service. Can you believe it’s been a decade? How is Prince Harry even old enough to have had that long of a military career? It’s crazy. (Does that mean I'm old?) In many ways, Prince Harry's decision to leave the military marks the end of an era — during his time served, he amassed quite the career with the British Army, serving in two tours of Afghanistan, working as an Apache Aircraft Commander, and working with Australian Defense Force.

So, now that Prince Harry's made the decision to leave the British Army, what's he got planned next? According to People, the prince is planning to first devote some time to volunteer work — specifically, according to an official press release from Kensington Palace, "front-line conservation projects in southern Africa," something that he's referred to as his "dream" in the past. People added that, when Prince Harry returns, he "will continue the work he was doing in his last months in the army – helping soldiers with their rehabilitation following injury," but this time, only in a voluntary basis.

There's no doubt those are big, amazing plans — it's great to see someone in Prince Harry's position genuinely doing all they can to help the world, and others. But, I have to wonder: When Prince Harry returns from his work in Africa, what other careers and life goals should he tackle in addition to voluntarily working with the British Army? After all, the world is his oyster — especially when you're a prince.

Get Married


I mean, I had to put this here, because I have no doubts that his wedding would be like Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding... times 50.

Babysit Prince George And Princess Charlotte

Who wouldn’t want to spend a Friday night with Princess Charlotte and little Prince George while the Duke and Duchess go out for a date night? Can you imagine the kind of trouble he and Prince George would probably get into? I'm thinking the shenanigans would be hilarious enough for their own movie, and I need it now.

Take More Trips To Las Vegas, Nevada


I'm not saying I would start spontaneously taking more trips to Vegas at the same time, but I'm also not not saying that.

Reenact Scenes from The Royals Around The Palace


And hopefully post them on Instagram, plz!

Move to America And Star In A Reality Television Show


Move over Kardashians; the ACTUAL royalty is in town.

Image: Kensington Royal/Instagram; Giphy (4)