What's Monica Potter's Family Like In Real Life? Here's A Crash Course Before They Compete On 'Celebrity Family Feud'

Two of the things I love most in this world are Family Feud and celebrities, so obviously I'm super psyched that they've come together to form the wonderful show that is Celebrity Family Feud . The show premieres June 21, and first up? Monica Potter, who plays Kristina Braverman on one of my favorite TV shows ever, Parenthood. She and her family will be facing off against celebrity chef Curtis Stone. Unfortunately, by "family" I don't mean the Bravermans — Potter's real life relatives, who are way smaller in numbers than her TV fam, will be the ones competing. But, from what I can tell from her Instagram, Monica Potter's actual family is pretty awesome.

On social media, the star of her family is Molly — her daughter (and youngest child), who often helps her out with creating natural beauty products for her Monica Potter Home collection. If Potter's sharing a photo, chances are good that the 9-year-old is probably in it, and every once in awhile, her husband, Chris, joins in too. If you've caught Potter on the red carpet, he's the guy who's usually standing next to her, and they make a pretty gorgeous couple if you ask me. Can we talk about these beautiful people?

Potter also has two grown-up sons who don't live with her — 24-year-old Danny and 20-year old Liam. The bad news? None of these family members will actually be on Family Feud with her. Although her sons and husband all could have competed, Molly's way too young, and from this photo Potter shared, it looks like she chose all female relatives to join her on the show.

So, who are these ladies in the picture? If I had to guess, this is probably Potter's mom, Nancy Brokaw, and her sisters Jessica, Brigette, and Kerry. OK, so adorable Molly isn't involved, but I'm willing to get over it. If Potter's sisters are anything like her, I have a feeling this episode is going to be super entertaining... and there's a good chance that, with their powers combined, they're going to kick some serious ass. Watch out, Curtis Stone!