7 Stylish Guest Appearances On T. Swift's Tour

by Kali Borovic

If there's anything better than the incredible outfits seen on Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour, it's the celebrity appearances that she surprises her fans with along the way. It was clear from the "Bad Blood" music video that the amount of celebrity besties on T. Swifts radar is absolutely insane. And thankfully, she brought all her stylish friends along for her on-stage adventures.

It's hard to find someone who isn't a T. Swift fan these days. From singers to actors and everyone in between, the 25-year-old sensation can seemingly relate to just about anyone. So it only makes sense that her friends are pulling out all the style stops when they get the chance to hang out with her on tour. Some of the best style moments have come not only from the star's on-stage collaborations, but from their hangouts backstage.

All of Swift's fabulous followers have managed to stick right with her when it comes to their style. The on-stage sartorial collaborations make for one heck of a show, and, to no surprise, the style is right at the center of it. I didn't think it could get better than her at-home birthday party or friend-filled music video, but her tour is starting to shine brighter than any past get together.

1. Cara Delevingne

Infamously known as Mother Chucker, this model strutted her stuff on the Philly leg of the 1989 Tour. These two could easily be the two most likable girls in the entire world, so it only makes sense that Delevigne would come show off her model walk and fabulous dance moves.

2. Sydney Sierota

These two dazzled in white as they made their way down the stage together and made for one fierce show. The Echosmith star brought an edgy feel to Tay's tour.

3. Rachel Platten

There was no doubt that these two had the fight in them when they came together for an on-stage style collaboration. Platten's leather pants and crop top made for one fabulous outfit that stuck out against Swift's all-white ensemble.

Not to mention their fabulous backstage jam sesh.

4. Maddie Ziegler

From the pages of international magazines to being a stylish little ambassador, dancer Maddie Ziegler knows how to put an outfit together. Although she wasn't on-stage, she showed that her style could hang with Swift's and even earned herself a spot on the singer's Instagram. I'd say that's a style win.

5. Little Big Town

Taking it back to her country roots, the group got together to surprise the crowd with a song and some fabulous style. They also joined forces to do some strumming backstage where they looked just as stylish.

Pay close attention to the interpretive dancing.

6. Gigi Hadid And Martha Hunt

These two kicked off the show and got fans excited to see who was next. They brought with them their model strut and fabulous all-black style to sing along on stage and have some fun.

7. Mariska Hargitay

The latest celeb to join the on-stage style club, Hargitay was all smiles with her friend. No bad blood here as Catastrophe and Justice took the stage.

Oh, and not to mention the IRL Olivia Benson got to meet the fluffy Olivia Benson.

I can't wait to see which stylish star will be next to join the pop star's on stage entourage!

Images: Getty; SuperModels-Online/Twitter; Taylor Swift/Instagram