The Dad Beard is The New Dad Bod, Just in Time for Father's Day

There are few things the internet loves more than beards (except maybe cats). You may have thought that nothing could make a man more attractive than having a well-groomed beard, but what about having a well-groomed beard and excellent parenting skills? That's right, the "dad beard" is now a thing, and it's everything you have ever wanted (without even knowing you wanted it). Don't believe me? Search #dadbeard on Instagram, and prepare to swoon. If the luscious beards don't get you, the adorable children will.

I'm not even a huge fan of beards necessarily, but I can certainly appreciate the appeal of a good #dadbeard. Hey, it certainly beats the Groucho Marx-esque mustache my dad had in 1979 (sorry dad). Yep, this is one trend I fully support. I've got my fingers crossed that maybe the #dadbeard will take off and replace the other dad-related trend, the dad bod. Not because I feel any type of way about the dad bod one way or the other, but because it's kind of time to give it a rest. But before we get into the glory of the #dadbeard, I have some ideas for more dad-related hashtags that somebody should definitely start.

1. #DadBrows

It's simple: dads whose eyebrows are on fleek. I can't believe somebody hasn't thought of this already, to be honest, because that is a hashtag I would definitely stalk the crap out of.

2. #DadsEatingSalads

Building off the popularity of hot guys eating salads, let's take it one step further and show guys with kids eating salads, for no other reason than the fact that kids make everything better.

3. #DadsWithDogs

This is probably already a thing, but nonetheless I don't think we can ever get enough of the combination of parents, children, and cute animals. Plus, don't even try to tell me that alliteration isn't top notch.

But enough of my ideas. Let's admire these dad beards.


Aw, just look at those two is making me smile.

That is a future #dadbeard in the making. Side note, I am pretty obsessed with this baby.

The dad beard: as fun to play with as it is to look at.

Sorry, this is the best dad beard photo of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Images: will_the_beard_scott, oilforbeardsupply, beard_paw, faramawy_official drewmarvick / Instagram