Pics of Hot Guys Eating Salad Is Your New Fitspo

Salad is like...okay, I guess, after you dress it up with avocado, some perfectly seasoned meat, a couple of kickass toppings that are not at all likely to be particularly healthy, and thrown some fancy cheese in there. But thanks to the internet, there's a new calorie-free trend that is making salads awesome, and it's pictures of hot guys eating salads. If these photos don't make you want to grab the lettuce, I don't know what will. Because eating salad will instantly make you irresistible and give you a sexy boyfriend who looks like one of these guys, and throw in a puppy for good measure, because why not--that's how it works, right?

Before we get into the best fitspo ever, I first must tip my hat to the internet and Instagram for giving us what feels like a never-ending stream of hot guys. The internet bestowed upon us the 20 hottest guys of Tinder from around the world list to make us want to travel the globe (cause you'd obviously need a sight-seeing buddy), then Instagram gave us Hot Dudes with Dogs to completely kill my ability to be productive and make me want a puppy even more than I currently do--which is hard considering last night I had a dream that I had a little puppy, and now I'm sad I woke up.

But uh, enough about me and my totally-normal-not-at-all-weird puppy obsession. Let's all collectively drool over these studs eating salad. Hats off to Women's Health for starting this important hashtag movement.

Wait, where am I? Whoops, I guess I must have gotten lost in those eyes. I can't look away. Holy crap, I think this is serious.

Me, to this guy: "Hey, what's your name? Oh, it's Paul? Weird, I thought you looked more like a My Future Husband." (Pickup line game strong)

I'm not sure what looks better: that salad, or that guy. Okay, who am I kidding, it's the guy. Move over, Jared Leto, I've found a guy with way better hair than you.

If your appetite for hunks with salad has not been satisfied by a mere three photos (can't blame you), you can check out more delicious pics at the Women's Health website or on their Instagram. In the meantime, I'm going to go eat some salad (it worked!!).

Images: Women's Health / Instagram