7 Problems Only Lana Del Rey Fans Understand (Like When No One Wants You To Play "Summertime Sadness" On Repeat Even Though It's Summer)

It's a sad fact, but some people just don't like Lana Del Rey. I get it — I, too, used to be a hater. There was a time when I simply couldn't understand what her appeal was... then I realized that was probably because I had never actually listened to any of her music. By the time I found myself playing the entirety of Born to Die for the 17th time in a row, I realized that I had inadvertently become a Del Rey fan for life. Loving such a divisive artist, however, is as rewarding as it is trying — and there's a specific set of problems that only Lana Del Rey fans understand.

In recent years, loving Del Rey has gotten a little easier for people to fathom — especially as she receives more and more acceptance from music critics and audiences alike. She's been a sensation since "Video Games" went viral, yes, but reviews of her Born To Die album started out as mixed, then commentary about her became downright cruel after that infamous, botched Saturday Night Live performance in 2012. The reception for her follow up album, Paradise was considerably warmer, but it wasn't until her next album, Ultraviolence , that she started to receive mainstream accolades and widespread kudos for her songwriting.

More people may be hopping on the Del Rey bandwagon, but it's still a bumpy road. For die-hard fans and haters alike, here are all the problems that come along with adoring Lana Del Rey.

1. Lana Del Rey Haters Actually Think Less Of You For Liking Her

The people who hate Lana Del Rey seriously hate Lana Del Rey. They don't get it and they don't want to get it. I can't tell you how many times someone has straight up questioned my intelligence — to my face — when I tell them I'm a Lana Del Rey fan.

2. You Constantly Have To Explain The Difference Between Lorde And Lana Del Rey To People Who Don't Know Any Better

Lorde is great! I love Lorde! Who doesn't love Lorde? For some reason, though, people compare the two all the time. Their singing voices might be similar, but Lana Del Rey's songs and subject matter are completely different (Del Rey is, like, ten years older, after all).

3. You Don't Understand Why Your Coworkers Don't Want To Hear "Summertime Sadness" Again

Come on, you guys! Just one more time — and then one more time — and then I swear I'll get back to work! It's summer! Guys? GUYS WAIT, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?

4. You Wish People Would Stop Bringing Up THAT Saturday Night Live Performance

She was nervous! It was 2012! At least she wasn't caught lip-syncing, for crying out loud.

5. The Wait For Honeymoon Is Literally Eating You Alive

It may seem like I'm calmly listening to whatever it is that you're saying, but in my head I'm literally screaming at the top of my lungs — and I will know no peace until the Honeymoon album comes out in September.

6. You Wish You Had The Confidence To Pull Off This Outfit

Knee-high socks with short shorts? I wish I were that cool.

7. You Just Want People To Be Nice To Her

Leave her alone! She's sad enough as it is!

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