8 Epic Lana Del Rey Live Performances

There are few things in this world more wonderful than Lana Del Rey and there are very few things better than Lana Del Rey live. If you can't manage to score tickets to see Lana in concert, though, you still should check her out live because a live Lana performance is a thing to behold, as you will soon see in these 8 Lana Del Rey live performances that prove how talented she is.

Lana Del Rey's unique voice and sultry stage presence always makes for an incredible show and you can bet that if you land yourself at a Lana Del Rey concert, you're going to have an amazing time. Plus, if you end up at a LDR concert, you'll finally have an excuse to wear that overpriced flower crown you bought but never could get up the courage to wear.

Though it might not be your typical concert-going experience, a Lana concert is a must-have experience. The mellow vibe of the crowd as they sway in harmony and chant the words along with their patron saint of winged eyeliner is a truly transcendental experience. Whether or not you have plans to check her out in concert, these 8 Lana Del Rey live performances are worth a watch (and will probably have you scrambling to buy tickets to her next show).

"Born To Die" — BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, 2012

Featuring Lana sounding incredible and lots of low-angle close-ups through which to admire Lana Del Rey's ridiculous and yet awesomely big lips.

"Video Games" — Late Show with David Letterman, 2012

After Lana Del Rey's infamously bad SNL performance, LDR redeemed herself with this killer performance of "Video Games" on Letterman.

"Lolita" — Los Angeles El Rey Theatre, 2012

Hey Lolita, hayyyy.

"Ride" — Glastonbury Music Festival, 2014

Lana kills "Ride" at the 2014 Glastonbury Music Festival.

"Off To The Races" — The Endless Summer Tour, 2015

This song is incredibly difficult to sing (just sing along loudly yourself and you'll understand what I mean). I sound like I am having a low-key asthma attack when I sing this one. After a little bit of a rocky start, Lana slays "Off To The Races" (and looks very pleased with herself as she does).

"National Anthem"— Los Angeles El Rey Theatre, 2012

A great song to close out a great concert.

"Blue Jeans" — The Scala Club

Those low notes though... no one else does it like Lana.

"Shades of Cool" — Hollwood Bowl

Lana Del Rey stuns with her live rendition of "Shades of Cool" at the Hollywood Bowl.