Free Makeup Classes Exist To Help Cancer Patients

by Dana Reszutek

Discussing makeup is never without controversy, but this latest use of cosmetics is nothing but empowering. According to a report by northern Ohio's 19 Action News, Look Good, Feel Better is giving women fighting cancer free makeup classes to teach techniques on dealing with changing skin and hair loss.

Look Good, Feel Better, the organization in charge of the workshops, was formed to teach cosmetics and beauty techniques to empower and strengthen the confidence of women with cancer. The 100 percent free, two-hour class provides women with not only makeup tips, like how to enhance eyebrows, but also fashion advice when it comes to choosing wig styles, or teaching how to make head scarves. The workshop also gives attendees $300 of high-quality makeup, and personalized tutorials for each woman's specific cosmetic needs. All of the makeup given is safe for sensitive skin, something many women who have undergone harsh treatments like chemotherapy face.

This is certainly a different program compared to a recent campaign for Cancer Research U.K. that promoted a viral sharing no-makeup selfies to raise money for research. But in keeping the idea of the power of makeup in mind, it's easy to see how important programs like this are to many women with cancer.

One of the participants in particular, Yolanda Virgil, told 19 Action News of how the program enhanced her makeup application process for the better.

"I always wore makeup, but not like what I learned today," Virgil said. "If you played dress-up like when you're a little girl, it makes you feel better." And that's what it should all be about, right? Feeling better.

Regardless of the fact that many women prefer not to wear makeup (which is, of course, totally fine), Look Good, Feel Better gives women who'd like to participate the ability to express themselves the same way they enjoyed doing before, regardless of cancer. Whether or not women embrace hair loss or choose to accessorize with scarves and makeup, this campaign definitely offers a chance to regain an aspect of normality that is commonly loss when facing such a personal and physical struggle.

Images: LookGoodFeelBetter/YouTube