Poisoned Apples, Sleeping Curses, or Beheadings — What Does Your Favorite Evil Queen Say About You?

Being a queen is a thankless task in fiction. Unless they happen to be a beautiful princess who overthrows the current queen, then chances are people are going to label them as evil. I think it is a proven fact that evil queens have more fun though. Aside from having to spend so much time worrying about the younger, prettier women who will one day take their place, they have a pretty sweet job. They rule from the comfort of posh castles without having to worry too much about actually doing anything for their underlings because those guys are terrified of them. Evil queens make bad look so good, it's no wonder everyone has a favorite.

Thanks to Disney, the evil queen became just as prevalent a part of growing up as the princesses, and you know you always jumped at the chance to be the queen when you and your friends played pretend. Who would want to bother being the perfect princess when you could order people around, talk to mirrors, cast spells, and poison apples? Whether you latched onto your favorite evil queen early in life or just recently found her, there is no doubt your pick says something about your personality. So which one is your favorite?

Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent has major flare. Technically, she's not a queen — at least not in the traditional sense. Earning the title of "Mistress of All Evil" should qualify her as queen of the baddies, at least. Sure, she cursed an infant because she wasn't invited to a party, but it was about respect. If Maleficent is your favorite evil queen, you are a rule-bending, fashion-loving person who has no time for people who disrespect you. Your temper is legendary, but only because you only let it loose when it is absolutely necessary to shut down someone who is being stupid.

The Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland

Delightfully bonkers, The Queen of Hearts was hard to read. She went from being happy to completely ticked off with poor Alice in record time. It was that same unpredictability that made The Queen of Hearts so much fun. She was just as likely to invite you for tea as she was to behead you. Plus, she had the most whimsical kingdom ever. Like The Red Queen, you are an emotional person, and you are not going to apologize for it. You just have a lot of feels, OK? Also, you are firm in embracing your quirks, which makes you all kinds of awesome.

The Evil Queen, Snow White

The Evil Queen has a lot of names (she's best known as Regina on ABC's Once Upon A Time these days), but all of her incarnations are driven by a desire to stamp out the competition. Personally, I can understand why she would want to get rid of a person so perky she actually has sing-alongs with birds, and I bet you can too. Loving The Evil Queen is like admitting you have zero patience for nonsense. You are all about getting stuff done at any cost. You can also hold a grudge like there's no tomorrow, but there is much to be said about sticking to your beliefs.

The White Witch, The Chronicles of Narnia

Known for both her patience and ability to rule with cold efficiency, The White Witch was a total boss. She was doing that whole endless winter thing when Elsa was still just a snowflake of a thought in Disney's mind. A master manipulator, The White Witch is all about maintaining control. You believe she was totally misunderstood, though. Her diligence and willingness to wait for the right moment to make her move reminds you of yourself. You have always worked hard for the things you wanted, and you would never just step aside and let some tear down your accomplishments.

Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones

Ruthless and driven, Cersei knows the greatest currency a person can have is power. Living in a patriarchal world, she takes her power where she can find it, and takes great pleasure in sitting on the Throne. When backed into a corner, Cersei turns into a true lioness. You too are effortlessly regal. You present the world with a picture of softness, but inside you have an iron heart and you are not queasy about taking care of business.

Catherine de' Medici, Reign

Is she evil or just a concerned parent? Either way, Catherine made it her mission to keep Mary away from her son at all costs, and she used her skills of cunning to do the job until she thought her son was safe. There is much to admire about Catherine, but the thing that draws you to her the most is her ability to play the royal court. You enjoy a good game of mental chess, and look to Catherine as a teacher of sorts. No one will ever convince you she's evil because she does everything for love. Just like Catherine, you put your family above all else.

See, I told you evil queens ruled.

Image: Disney; Giphy (6)