Ariana Grande Accidentally Leaked This On Snapchat

If you've been waiting to find out what Ariana Grande's perfume is going to be called — and what the packaging looks like — you don't have to wait any longer. On Saturday night, the singer revealed a little too much on Snapchat and accidentally spilled both color and black-and-white photos of the whole packaging, along with the name. The fragrance will be called "Ari by Ariana Grande," and it comes in a gold-embossed lavender box featuring a photo of Miss Kitty Ears herself.

Presumably after being scolded for blowing the secret a little too far in advance, she posted a video to Snapchat, saying, "Okay, so this is what I was supposed to post. The debut fragrance, Ari by Ariana Grande. It smells so good, yo! Woooo!" She seems pretty excited, so who can blame her for leaking the whole thing before she was supposed to? If I had a perfume coming out that had my face on it, you know I would be sharing that all over social media.

No word yet on what Ari by Ariana Grande smells like and the people behind the brand are probably relieved that Snapchat doesn't have a 'smell-o-gram' feauture just yet, so it will likely remain a mystery until they want it to.

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