19 Pieces Of Advice From Andy Dwyer To Chris Pratt On His Birthday, Because The 'Parks And Rec' Character Is Very Wise

The hilarious, witty, ridiculously smoking hot Chris Pratt turns 36 years old on June 21, on the same day as Father's Day (perfect timing for a man with a kid)! The Jurassic World star has had a hell of a year, and he's bound to have a ton to celebrate, including the huge success of his latest movie. Seriously — has anyone ever had a better 12 months, ever?

As for my birthday and Father's Day gift to the actor who is on the top of his game right now, I've complied some of the best advice from perhaps his most beloved character, Parks and Rec's Andy Dwyer. That's right, while Chris Pratt may seem to have everything at the moment, there's always more to learn. And who better to learn it from than the guy who was constantly learning things on Parks and Recreation? Andy Dwyer may have been silly, but he was much wiser than we fans could possibly imagine. In his many hilarious moments on the show, he taught us to laugh, not take ourselves to seriously, appreciate everything life has to give and so, so much more.

These are just a few pieces of advice from Andy Dwyer that Chris Pratt should live by, but believe me, there are plenty. In fact, we could all probably learn a thing or two from Andy. Sometimes the best pieces of advice come from the most unlikely sources, like in Andy Dwyer's lesson from a from a can of lemonade. Really, Andy Dwyer is the life coach we all, including Chris Pratt himself, need from time to time. Below, some of his greatest lessons:

1. Appreciate Great Words Of Wisdom

Listen and learn.

2. Recognize Your Good Qualities (Not Too Much)

Andy has found the perfect balance of when to do this and when it's too much. We can only try to learn this from the master.

3. It's Alright To Give Into The Darkness From Time To Time

Sometimes life just isn't great. It's OK to acknowledge that.

4. When Everything Fails, Make Some Contingency Plans

Hey, he's prepared.

5. Don't Hide Your Feelings

Not the most eloquent sentence, but it's honest.

6. No Idea Is A Bad Idea

Well, mostly.

7. Helping Friends When They Need Is Rewarding

Be there for each other, okay?

8. You Don't Have To Know Everything

But be proud of what you do know.

9. Come Up With Good Comebacks

Use that one anywhere, anytime.

10. Be Wary Of Self-Diagnosis

It's not always the best source.

11. Don't Be Afraid To Be Vulnerable With Loved Ones

Andy told Ron one of his biggest secrets, and it all worked out.

12. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Things are hard to do sometimes, guys. I feel Andy's pain.

13. Laugh In The Face Of Danger

But maybe not too loudly.

14. Or Create An Alter-Ego To Take Care Of Problems

But maybe use this one sparingly.

15. Take Advantage Of Great Deals

This. Always.

16. Don't Overthink Everything

It can really work in your favor to think less. Andy got April this way!

17. Appreciate The Little Things In Life

Like dancing, always.

18. Never Stop Learning

It's important to always stay educated.

19. Be Yourself No Matter What

A true Andy concept. Chris Pratt, take these lessons seriously, because if anyone knows how to conquer life, it's Parks and Rec's Andy Dwyer. Happy birthday, Chris!

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