12 Animals Dressed Up For The Fourth Of July, Because They Love America Just As Much As You Do

Everyone loves to show off their patriotic spirit on Independence Day — including these animals dressed up for the Fourth of July. Celebrating 'Murica is a load of fun, because we're a pretty driven, brilliant, excess-loving bunch. The Fourth of July is typically a day when the best parties of the year take place. It's in the middle of summer, so the weather is hot and clothing is minimal. Food is grilled, no matter what it is, and beverages are spiked and chilled. Everywhere you look will have something red, white, or blue, and most likely, all three colors. When we do it, we really do it.

This intense patriotism is also showcased by non-human creatures as well. Because we're becoming a more animal-friendly, animal rights-advocating nation, we thoroughly enjoy spoiling our pets. That primarily means dressing them up in ridiculous clothing that they absolutely hate wearing, but snuggling is also a major part of it. Luckily, dressing up for the Fourth is easy, because all you need is a flag-patterned scarf or hat, and a way to get your pet to sit still for at least five seconds so you can ‘gram it up. Here are a bunch of animals who are adorably showing off their patriotic pride for the Fourth of July.

1. This horse with a sparkly top hat

And is that a clump of pink hair I see? Dang, this horse is cooler than all of us.

2. This pug with the stellar shades

I feel like stores should hire this pug as a model. #PrepsterPup

3. This star-spangled dog

As long as this isn't a harsh chemical dye, it's insanely rad.

4. This super patriotic pig

Oink if you love America!

5. This dog who loves America as much as sun protection

Who says you need to choose between skin care and American pride?

6. This tiny America-loving hedgehog

Flag or pin wheel? BOTH.

7. This Ron Swanson-looking bulldog

"History begain on July 4, 1776. Anything before that was a mistake." — Ron Swanson

8. This mildly irritated cat holding a flag

Do not question this cat's love for the U. S. of A.

9. This proud pup

I feel like this dog is about to tear up to the Pledge of Allegiance.

10. Marnie the Dog dressed as Lady Liberty

Now I think the statue needs a side-hanging tongue.

11. This radically decked out Corgi

Question: How much American pride is too much American pride? Answer: There's no such thing, clearly.

12. This nervous hedgehog

It's OK, little guy. Feel free to celebrate this great nation from the privacy of your hat. There's no wrong way to be patriotic.

Image: Randy Robertson, Public Information Office, Ed Bierman, John Morgan, Austin Kirk/Flickr