The Only Drink You Need For The Fourth Of July

by Taylor Henriquez

Summer is finally here, and the Fourth of July will be upon us before we all know it. You've been planning your Independence Day celebration since Memorial Day weekend, and you know that red, white, and blue layered drinks are definitely going to be on the menu... you just haven't figured out how to make them quite yet. Not to fear — I've put together the world's easiest recipe.

For simplicity's sake, a layered drink is made from three beverages that make up each layer — typically a fruit juice, a fruit punch, a soda, or a sports drink. Besides being a refreshing alternative to alcohol, layered drinks look like they are defying gravity, with each layer settling in its place and not mixing.

The secret is science. The levels of sugar density allow for each beverage to either float, or settle into the glass and not mix together. Beverages with the highest amount of sugar are poured first, followed by the beverage with the next highest amount of sugar, and finally topped with the beverage with the least amount of sugar.

If you’re looking for a drink to make the next time you lounge poolside, attend a barbecue, or just hang out on your stoop, have fun and make a layered drink. It's a great alcohol-free alternative to the usual summer mixed drinks and margaritas.

But if someone passes you a bottle of booze to spike your drink with, well, that's alright too. Welcome to summer.

Red, White, And Blue Layered Punch (Alcohol-Free)

Serves 1

1. Fill a tall glass a third of the way full with ice. Pour in your beverage with the highest sugar content. I used red fruit punch.

2. Next, fill up the rest of the glass with ice, and pour in a clear or white beverage with the second highest sugar content, or use a clear soda. Since white can be hard to find, I chose Sprite Zero, which did mix a little with the top layer. Not to worry, though — you'll still witness a layering effect.

3. Finally, pour the beverage with the least amount of sugar on top. I chose a blueberry and pomegranate low calorie sports drink as my blue and final layer.

And there you have it — the most delicious way to show off your patriotic colors. Enjoy!

Images: Fotolia; Taylor Henriquez