12 Things That Happen When You Plan A Girls' Trip

It's officially summer, which means it's the perfect time to get all of your best friends together and start planning a girls' trip somewhere amazing. Having a great girls-only weekend somewhere by a beach is the best — so planning something with your closest friends shouldn't be that bad, right? Uh, wrong. So, so wrong.

Whether you're trying to go somewhere exotic and a little pricey, or you're just trying to do something simple and inexpensive, actually planning a girls' trip is one of the hardest, most stressful things ever. Take it from someone who, for some reason, voluntarily does it at least twice every year: putting together a mini vacay for your friends just might turn you off from vacations for good.

Don't get me wrong — I love my friends, and I love going away with them. And once we actually make it to our destination, we always end up having an incredible time full of memories none of us will ever forget. But all of that time and energy that goes into putting it together is not for the weak of heart. You would be surprised at the dedication it takes to convince a group of people to actually get serious about going on a trip. Does the end justify the means? For me, it does... which I guess is why I keep doing it. But hey — I'm never going to not complain about getting there. If you're trying to plan something for this summer, keep this in mind: here are 12 things that happen when you try to plan a girls' trip.

1. Everyone will be interested in the idea of going, but once you start to plan, they will disappear

When you first bring up the idea of going away, literally all of your friends will be like, "OMG YES, I am so in girl, I need a vacation!" Then when you actually start looking up places and presenting them with price options, at least half of them will be like, "Oh... yeah sorry I'm busy." Cool.

2. It will take months to even pick a date, because everyone is constantly busy

If you're trying to plan something with more than four girls, good luck. Everyone is busy, everyone has different schedules, and very few people are willing to move things around for a vacation. By the time you pick a date, I'm assuming you'll have fewer girls attending than you thought you would.

3. The original planner should be prepared to do ALL of the work

Are you the one who came up with this idea? Great — be ready to do literally everything. You might have one other friend step up and offer some help, but for the most part, you'll be in charge of finding a place to stay, making everything affordable, rounding up the money, and settling all of the little details. And hey, you asked for this role, so you can hardly complain.

4. Despite the fact that everyone will have strong opinions, no one will actually want to do anything

Remember — if you're in charge, you're in charge. But this doesn't mean that people won't have opinions that they will forcibly share with you. You'll have a few lovely angels disguised as friends who are like, "I'll honestly do anything," but you'll have more friends who are like, "I'm down for whatever" and then actually hate everything you come up with.

5. You will argue with someone about money

Every single time I plan a vacation, I end up in an argument with a friend about money. Because whenever money is involved, things get awkward.

6. Someone you didn't invite will end up feeling left out

You'll either completely forget to invite someone, you'll leave them out on purpose, or you'll end up being forced into picking a weekend they can't attend. Either way, you'll have to deal with someone's hurt feelings.

7. One person will spend the entire time complaining about money, no matter how low you try to keep the cost

I'm pretty convinced that some people have no idea that you have to actually pay a decent amount of money to go on vacation. Even if all of your friends have full-time jobs and you manage to get some pretty sweet deals, at least one person will spend a whole lot of time talking about how broke they are.

8. Someone will cancel at the last minute...

It never, ever fails: someone will always cancel on you at the last minute, and it's rarely for a legitimate reason. It's usually because they're "broke," or because they changed their mind, or because something better came up. It will mess up everything, and make you want to end your friendship with them.

9. ...which makes other people cancel or reconsider going

Beware the last minute cancellation: if that friend expects their money back, that means your other friends have to cough up more cash. Sometimes this is just enough to make your other friends be like, "Uh, yeah, I don't want to go anymore either..." and you will want to cry.

10. At least one person will wait until the last minute to let you know what they're doing for sure

I guarantee you'll have one friend who's like, "I'm pretty sure I can go, but can I let you know? Like, when do you need to know?" You'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but they'll usually end up bailing.

11. Two of the people won't get along that well for some reason

Why? Who knows.

12. You will swear to everyone that you'll never do this again

Every time I plan a vacation with my friends, I tell everyone who will listen that I'm never doing it again because it sucks. Then, a few months later, I do it again. What can I say? The end result is kind of worth it.

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