Bill Says Things About Hill That Make Us Smile

Now it's time for a presidential "awww" moment. With Hillary Clinton's campaign gearing up, her former-president husband is full-force in support of his his wife's second run for the Oval Office. In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, which aired the day after HRC's first rally for the 2016 nomination, Bill Clinton praised Hillary with such great quotes. During this interview, and times before, Bill spoke up about his wife's trustworthiness, her resilience, her ability to lead the country and how Hillary has been the backbone of their relationship.

In the CNN interview, Bill spoke with Tapper about Hillary's role during his own administration and her ability to keep him going when things just didn't look OK. When Tapper asked him about allegations that Hillary isn't a trustworthy candidate (cue the email scandal of early 2015), he rushed to defend her. "Anybody who is still really close to their best friend in grade school is by definition trustworthy," Bill said of his wife. He said despite any public doubt, he knows his wife is the leader this country needs — and one that he has needed throughout their years together.

"A, I know her, B, I know the truth, and C, I trust the American people," the former president said. He continued by saying, "When people go to personal attacks this far before the election, it means they're scared of you. And they should be. She would be a very good president, and I think she's proven out to be a pretty good candidate. I'm very proud of that." In truth, Bill is proving to be the ultimate cheerleader-husband, and Hill's got a pretty good one on her side. Here are four quotes from that CNN interview that make us all want to sing our own praises about Team Hill-Bill.

On Hillary's Unwavering Belief In Him

She just said, "Hey. It'll turn around. I believe in you." You've got this.

Clinton said his wife's ongoing belief in him lifted him up on the days when his political future "wasn't too bright."

On How Much He Trusts Her

Scott Morgan/Getty Images News/Getty Images
I trust her with my life, and have on more than one occasion.

When Tapper asked Clinton what he meant by this, he said his wife has been the push he needed to keep going in the often-toxic political world.

On Who Called The Shots

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images
If she wanted to know my opinion, I would tell her, but she had carte blanche to make whatever decisions she wanted, and tell me what I was supposed to do about it.

As his wife embarks on another journey for the presidential race, Bill pointed out the fact that Hill can hold her own.

On Hillary Being The Rock In His Life

Steve Pope/Getty Images News/Getty Images
Whenever I had trouble, she was a rock in our family.

Bill is the first to admit that Hillary is one of the main forces behind his success, and this quote proves it even further.

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