10 Beautiful Same Sex Wedding And Engagement Rings

by Caitlin Flynn

In light of today's historic Supreme Court's ruling that states can no longer ban same-sex couples from marrying, gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Which means that we will have more engagements and weddings to celebrate in the upcoming months and years — and it's about dang time! Weddings are beautiful, joyous occasions to publicly declare our commitment to our partners and share our joy with our loved ones — and now, all Americans are guaranteed the right to celebrate that occasion if they so choose.

And folks who want to seal their commitment with a ring will be happy to know that there is no shortage of wedding and engagement rings for same-sex couples. Whether you're into the understated or the bedazzling, there's a set of rings out there that's right for you and your honey.

The ten rings and ring sets below are only the tip of the iceberg — and obviously, any ring is a same-sex wedding ring if a same-sex couple wants to wear them. But these rings were designed with same-sex couples in mind — so check them out, even if you're not planning on taking the plunge any time soon. Because it's awesome when political progress and your Pinterest wedding board collide.

1. Rainbow Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

This handmade 14k white gold ring features rainbow sapphires and gemstones. It's a classy way to wear your pride right on your finger.

Lesbian Engagement Ring / Wedding Band 14K White Gold, $540 & up from Etsy

2. His & His Wedding Band Set

Understated, custom made, and eco-friendly, this wedding band set is available in 14k yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. And a portion of the sales goes to Lambda Legal.

His & His Slim Wedding Band Set, $830 from Etsy

3. Love Is Love Ring

This ring design features interlocking triangles, in a nod to the classic symbol of the gay rights movement. The symbolism is both beautiful and subtle.

Love Is Love 14k Ring, $795 from Proposition Love

4. Rose Gold And Cobalt Band With Diamonds

The combination of rose gold and diamonds makes for one classy and elegant wedding band. It can also be special ordered in yellow gold, and there is an engraving option on this item to give it an extra personalized touch.

14k Rose Gold & Cobalt Band, $1,750 & up from Proposition Love

5. Layered Crossover Wedding Band

This elegant wedding band features two separate metals which come together and cross over. A beautiful row of diamonds adorns the top half.

Pave Layered Crossover Wedding Band, Price Varies from Krikawa Jewelry Designs

6. Power Of Love Diamond Wedding Band

The Power of Love wedding band features an Adinkra symbol from West Africa. The symbol stands for "Odo nnyew fie kwan", which translates to "Love never loses its way home".

Power of Love Symbol Diamond Wedding Band, Price Varies from Krikawa Jewelry Designs

7. Etoile Engagement Ring

Tiffany & Co. featured a gay couple in an engagement ring ad for the first time earlier this year, but they've offered sets tailored to same-sex couples for a while. This "Etoile" engagement ring is a popular choice for male couples.

Etoile Engagement Ring, $13,100 & up from Tiffany & Co.

8. Women's Engagement Ring Set

These simple but elegant rings are handmade from recycled sterling silver and white topaz. And because they are made to order, you can request other gemstones or metals, too.

Women's Engagement Ring Set, $240 from Etsy

9. Hers & Hers Wedding Band Set

This chic, modern wedding band set features two 14k gold flat bands with your choice of matte or shiny finish. The bands are eco-friendly and are available in yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.

Hers & Hers Wedding Band Set, $400 from Etsy

10. Urban Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Sleek and stylish, this wedding ring set features two 18k gold diamond rings. A unique hand-textured finish gives the rings an edgy but classy look, and you can choose between white or yellow gold combinations.

Urban Diamond Wedding Ring Set, $1,601 & up from Etsy