6 Indie Design Collaborations That Are Better than Big Brands

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With all the Isabel Marant for H&M insanity (have you seen how much the pieces are selling for on eBay?) and slightly ridiculous collaborations like Adam Levine for Kmart, it often feels like we're being force-fed a steady diet of celebrity-branded product. Sure, many celebrity collaborations produce something that's greater than the sum of their famous parts, but often they simply consist of a name splashed across a product to make it sell better.

Enter the indie collaborations. You might not read about them in Vogue or People; you might not read about them at all. But they're happening all around us, and they usually feel more genuine and meaningful than the big-name collabs. In short, they can be the coolest way to find items that are really, as Shakespeare once said, a "marriage of true minds."

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