Who Is Jessica Rabone On 'So You Think You Can Dance'? Performing Got Her Out Of Her Sister's Shadow

I just met the Season 12 So You Think You Can Dance contestant Jessica Rabone, but feel free to count me among her fans already. This bundle of energy in striped pants and a cute top-knot brought a ton of character to the Los Angeles auditions, confidently sharing her unique choreography and performance style with the panel and her fellow hopefuls. But Rabone wasn't always so confident in herself.

Jessica's sister Becky Rabone is a television personality in Japan. She's so successful and recognizable that she only needs to go by her first name. Jessica tried fruitlessly to follow in her sister's footsteps, but never found any traction in that field. Everything changed when she went on a presenter audition and an executive explained exactly what the issue was: The industry didn't need another Becky. That truth woke Jessica up and encouraged her to follow her own path.

Lucky for SYTYCD fans, that path was dance. "When I started dancing, that's when I started knowing what I wanted to do," Rabone said. Living in the shadow of an impressive sibling isn't easy, but Rabone's struggle to find herself eventually lead her to train in an area where she can shine as herself too. Check out her quirky take on waacking and house below, and see what the judges and I are making such a fuss about.

Don't you just want to be her friend? Nigel Lythgoe praised Rabone's performance skills, and I'm 100 percent behind him on that. There's something about this girl that's unexpected, yet still totally accessible. I'm in awe of her skills and not at all worthy, yet her solo was warm and inviting instead of intimidating and standoffish. Rabone makes you want to dance with her. That's an extremely attractive quality in a street dancer, especially if that dancer is looking to be hired commercially. Think Moose in the Step Up movies. Or "Team Street" leader tWitch. They both have those traits, and it brings them a ton of work.

I'm simultaneously nervous and excited about getting Jessica Rabone in a room with a partner and a choreographer. Her style is so much her own that it's difficult to picture her taking on another distinct aesthetic. At the same time, her personality seems so open and easygoing; I also feel like she might just be ready for anything. And, getting over that mental blockage that separates you from your goals via conquering something new is the first step in dance world domination.

Rabone trains with '80s pop star and dance icon Toni Basil, an influence that Lythgoe was able to spot right away. So, as if being a student of the woman who made cheerleading cool for the OG MTV generation with the "Mickey" video isn't accomplishment enough, Rabone might get an "America's Favorite Dancer" trophy to take home and show off to her mentor. I'm so glad she found her passion in the end.

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