12 Things I Never Noticed About 'Zoolander'

by Loretta Donelan

Well, it's official: Zoolander is coming back in sequel form soon, so I thought now would be a good time to revisit its origins. While I haven't seen Zoolander in a while, it still seems fresh in my mind. It is extremely quotable, and "orange mocha Frappuccino!" is surely still ringing in Starbucks baristas' ears everywhere. The Ben Stiller-starring modeling sendup is a very funny movie, from its innovative usage of spoons as mirrors to its unforgettable (albeit very painful looking) walk-offs, the movie will forever be engrained in our minds as the film to launch Blue Steel into the popular discourse.

Since it was a movie based on a cultural moment, there are elements of it that seem dated if you watch it today. Some of the many celebrity cameos are hilariously early 2000s, as are some of the technological references. However, the movie still feels fresh in other ways, and I'm sure the concept will work with Zoolander 2. The ridiculous fashion will surely make an appearance, as well as many jokes from the first film. So before the second film comes out in February 2016, I recommend revisiting the first movie. Here are some things I noticed watching it in 2015, from the iconic scenes that I'd almost forgotten about to the slightly dated references.

1. The Movie Is Ahead Of Its Time, Onesie-Wise

He looks so cozy.

2. Starbucks Will Solve All Problems

But now it's all about the pumpkin spice latte — Sorry, orange mocha frap!

3. Derek's All-White Funeral Attire Was On Point

So sharp.

4. "Not too many people I know read your little Time magazine, or whatever it's called."

Oddly prescient of Derek Zoolander.

5. "What is this, a center for ants?"

Still so quotable.

6. Did Matthew McConaughey Draw Inspiration From Derek Zoolander?

His Lincoln commercial is not far off.

7. The Perfect Use Of David Bowie

Hopefully, he'll be in the new one.

8. Ironically, This Is How We'd Deal With That Ancient-Looking iMac In 2015

Confused, hitting it a little.

9. The Phone Prediction Was Fairly Accurate

Though cell phones became paper thin instead of shrinking to miniscule size.

10. This:

Give the guy a chance.

11. I'm All About Milla Jovovich's Lipstick In This Movie

One helpful blogger thinks it's Barry M Cosmetics Lip Lacquer.

12. This Kid!

What a star!

Images: Paramount Pictures