Check Out This Adorable 'Parenthood' Clip

This Thursday night, NBC's Parenthood will air an episode that could change everything. One of the copious Bravermans, Kristina, is finishing up her bid for mayor of Berkeley on Election Day, and, in this exclusive clip from NBC, her brother-in-law Crosby rolls up to the polls to do his voting duty. Brace yourself for adorableness.

That's because Crosby's got his son Jabbar along for the fun, which Jabbar was told includes "pushing all the buttons." (That would be fun, buddy.) To boot, a heartbreakingly sweet lesson about civic duty ensues because — as we already know — Crosby is probably the cutest new(ish) father out there.

Of course, this clip teases one seriously huge cliffhanger: Will Kristina beat Bob Little in the election? It hasn't been an easy road for her, with Bob Little's smear campaign and her refusal to go negative, but this is Parenthood. They have to hand Kristina the win, right? For us? (That said, her son Max's student election vending machine moment will always be the Parenthood political moment that wins my heart.)

In the clip below, Crosby seems confident that things will go her way, but a little snafu on his part puts the positive vibe on pause. Surely his mistake won't ruin everything for the Braverman campaign, but it certainly won't help. Still, vote for Kristina!

Image: NBC