Little Girl Dancing Is Too Fierce For This World

Looks like Maddie Ziegler has quite the fierce and unexpected competitor across the pond. A new music video from London band GRADES features a newbie legit kicking ass. This little girl dances and battles cartoons so boss-ly that you can't look away. Her name is Laika Takasu and we can't let Dance Moms touch her.

Surely every young child fantasizes about entering an alternative reality. One that puts them in charge and involves fantastical beasts and buddies alike. I know I'm not the only one who optimistically asked Mom for a hand getting shoes on and tied before confidently attempting to step into a full-length mirror. Other people...did that...too...right? (To be fair, it was because of Adventures In Wonderland , a lackluster mix of real-life and animation that remained on air only two years. I guess I had low standards for adventure even as a rather young child.)

Laika Takasu got to basically live this dream on set in Chichibu, Japan. She gleans a new mechanical hand via an old TV set before setting out in a groove crusade. It's pretty impressive to watch this girl throw down against some moderately coordinated cartoon villains. Inspiring, even.

Break it down, bb girl. First she was all chillin' in an empty classroom (weird, but OK). Then, she spots something promising:

Clearly, the entertainment doesn't end there. Remember, kids: Cartoons give you endless gifts. Like robot arms.

Then everything gets very real, especially with the lavender garlic head creature:

Takasu is insane in the best possible way. Obviously. See the whole video below:

Images: Vimeo(5)