The Pool Float Is Summer 2015's Hottest Accessory

Chances are if you've scrolled through Instagram or Facebook recently you've already subconsciously picked up on the hottest new summer accessory trend: the pool float. I'm not talking about those lame ol' flat foam floats that look like yoga mats. No, these inflatables are all about adding a bit of whimsy to every waterlogged occasion. They're brightly colored. They're inspired by some of our favorite things, from donuts and pretzels to swans and flamingos. Overall, these floaties are the perfect finishing touch for every summery ensemble — and make for some seriously Like-able Instagram photos. Well, every summery ensemble that doesn't mind getting wet when you jump in the pool at least.

It's not just bloggers who are pool game strong. Everyone is getting in on the fun — even kids and dogs and Taylor Swift! I mean, who wouldn't want to lounge around on a giant pizza-shaped balloon thing? I honestly can't think of a better way to spend a lazy Saturday. Break out the bike pump or get your lungs ready for some serious blowing, because you're gonna want one of each, even if you're landlocked. Scroll through for some inflatable inspo for a fun and fashionable summer.

1. @Gabifresh

I'm totally ready for this jelly (donut). Also, the jellyfish bikini...

2. @Toastmeetsworld

So meta. Hot dog, meet cool dog.

3. @Taylorswift

Originator of #swangoals.

4. @The12ishstyle

The only way to combine a pizza party & a pool party and not have everything get soggy.

5. @Thelizblack

Stay frosted.

6. @Loriboynton

Look at these cuties! I think I just felt my biological clock kick in...

7. @Nicolettemason

Besides Nicolette’s tasty food floats, check out those mini flamingo drink holders!

8. @Fromkkwithluv

Swanning all over the place.

9. @Lalafauxbois

A pink flamingo has never looked so divine.

10. @Supitsnicole

A peace of pizza. Get it?

11. @Barbie_jane

Pool float game level: expert.

Image: Liz Black (1)