This Pizza Pool Float Is About To Make You The Most Instagram-Worthy Pool Lounger On The Planet — PHOTOS

Of all the most basic trends that have circulated, the pizza ones are the most important. Basic perfumes will come and go, relationships don't always last, and really, we were all born with expiration dates. The end is inevitable, but pizza? Pizza is forever. We're not all going to wake up one day and suddenly not like carbs covered in sauce, covered in hot, gooey, melty, bubbly cheese. That's why this pizza-shaped pool float seems like a real must have. Like, sure it's ridiculous in terms of clutter and storage through the winter might be a bit much, but COME ON. Think of all the benefits.

Pizza Slice Pool Float, $50, Hearth Song

Think back to the days of going to your friend's house for a swim in the middle of July. Floaties galore, noodles, kick boards. The works. That friend always seemed to have a painfully cool older sister who had a ~glamorous pool float~ that you aspired to have. THIS IS THAT POOL FLOAT. You don't need the sexy one Elle Woods splayed out on in her Harvard admissions video. You need this one. This one looks like a giant pizza pie. If you want to be the envy of every 7-year-old coming to your pool, this pizza float is the only way to go.

You can buy it slice by slice here, if you so fancy.

I would like to pay homage to the pizza float with this song:

jeffbuckleyVEVO on YouTube

Needless to say, the ideal scenario is eating pizza while on this float. #SummerGoals.