Family-Focused YA Reads for Your Thanksgiving Trip Home

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As we all venture into crowded airports, packed train stations, and traffic-riddled highways on the biggest travel days of the year, it's helpful to have a good book at our sides for the journey. And as traveling for Thanksgiving evokes memories of home, parents, siblings and other family members, it can be a good time to reflect on the family in particular. These seven novels are as diverse as families themselves and will hit upon themes most important around the holiday.

So when you're stuffed in the middle seat on an airplane or when you're stuffed from too much pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, retreat into these books centered on the bonds of family, how they can break, how they can be revived, and what keeps them together — they might just make you even more thankful for the family you have.

Image: sanbeiji/Flickr

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