11 Thanksgiving Pie Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

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While desserts of all shapes and varieties are never bad, nothing brings it home on Thanksgiving quite like a pie. All you need is the right pie crust and one (or several!) of these recipes. But be warned. These are not ordinary pies. Trust me when I say that I would not bother wasting your time with a classic pumpkin pie or a plain old apple pie. That's child’s play. This is the Internet, guys — this is where all your dreams come true. And since the dessert table is already such a magical, dreamlike place, let’s aim to keep it that way. Roll the dough yourself. Buy the very best ingredients. Follow the instructions to a T (extra butter optional). And when the pie is finished, top it with homemade whipped cream and then rise to meet your applause.

These pies are extraordinary pies — visionary, even. They’re definitely ahead of their time and way, way ahead of whatever pumpkin pie snooze-fest you put together last year. Because that classic pumpkin pie has been elevated with maple and bourbon and then topped with a crunchy, golden-brown bruléed topping. Your spoon calls! There’s also a butterscotch pie that is topped with a mountain of creamy and majestic meringue — because butterscotch meringue pie is a thing now, and you need to have it in your life. Cranberry chiffon pie? Salted caramel roasted nut pie? Pumpkin chocolate chip cookie pie? Crack pie? Though not every pie here can be called ‘crack pie,’ that doesn’t mean you won’t find the others to be just as blissfully addictive. I’ll see you in pie rehab.

Image: Adventures in Cooking

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