'Shameless' Star Justin Chatwin is Leaving Showtime Series

After three seasons of playing Fiona's on-again-off-again boyfriend (and the world's most adorable criminal), Justin Chatwin is officially leaving Shameless . While Jimmy's fate was left ambiguous in his last episode of Shameless — he was last seen in a face-off with his fake wife's dad (long story) — executive producer John Wells has now confirmed that Jimmy is, in fact, dead. While Jimmy/Steve (every con man needs an alias) has had some troubles in the past seasons (like, you know, stealing cars and getting entangled with a crime family) we never thought that he'd actually be offed. Way harsh, Showtime. Let's all take a moment to mourn Jimmy's heart-melting smile and good-guy/bad-boy complex.

But before you think that there are no reasons left to watch Season 4, fear not: Justin Chatwin is set to appear on at least one or two more episodes of the series. After that, we can only hope that he'll be featured in a ton of flashbacks during the next season.

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